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23 May

Choosing a hairstyle for your wedding day (or for any special occasion) can be a very difficult decision.

Ideally, you should choose a few different styles you like to bring along to me, and together we can decide which would work best.

To break this down in choosing your perfect style, we must take a few things in to consideration -

  1. Your natural hair, and any need for clip in extensions to create the style you have your heart set on.
  2. Your face shape and whether you need layers in the front to frame your face.
  3. The overall theme of your wedding.
  4. Your dress.
  5. Your makeup.
  6. Any accessories you'd like to wear in your hair.

By going through all of these, we can narrow it down and ensure that your wedding day hair suits not only you, but perfectly matches all of the above.

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