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10 Mar

As restrictions start to lift, the wedding season looks all set to go. 

And gosh, what a season it is going to be!

I am so, so, so pleased for all of my brides, and indeed ALL brides!

This is the news we've all waited so long for.

So here's a little inspo to feast upon...

Wondering what your 'Something Blue' could be?

How about something in your hair, like these stunning seed pearl, swarovski crystal, and rhinestone hair pins?

The most stunning pale blue, I am in love with them.

They can also be worn above your veil, as shown in the photos below.

There are so many ways to add your 'Something Blue', but I love this idea, and had to share it with you.

I really cannot wait to meet you all, what a rollercoaster this has been.

Here's hoping you can have the wedding you dreamed of!

See you soon!

Natalie x

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