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07 Jun

I have been so busy with trials and weddings since I was allowed back to work in April, I've not been as active online as I would have liked.

But I had to share this with you.  I am still waiting for a lot of professional photos from most of the weddings, but I have received these from JLM Weddings, and they're stunning.  He has captured the couple's personality perfectly, which I think is so important on such a special day.  I have so many, but I chose these just to show you what a brilliant day it was.

Louicia, my bride, had a very unique wedding - on a working farm!

She came downstairs after putting her princess style wedding dress on, and looked absolutely stunning, so it was a total surprise when she lifted her dress to show us her custom made, heeled and to the knee Doc Martens!

She had the best day.  She didn't care that her gorgeous dress got covered in mud.  She did not care that the carefully crafted hairstyle was disturbed.  She did not care, and because of that, she had her wedding her way, and it was PERFECT!

I think the point I am trying to make is, it is YOUR day, so have the wedding YOU want.  You will (hopefully!!) only get to do this once, so do what makes YOU happy.

Your guests will pick up on this, and has a total blast with you.  And with a wedding like this, they're never going to forget it!

Whatever you choose, I hope it is the day you always dreamed of.

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I have had to open my diaries for 2023/4, and I have bookings already.  So early enquiries are advisable.

Photography c/o JLM Wedding Photography:



See you soon!

Natalie xx

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