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10 Oct

My gosh, I have really struggled with deciding whether to enter this or not.  I am my own worst critic, so I dithered about whether to enter or not!

But this award is THE one, the big one, the one award everyone in the industry wants.

To even come in as a finalist is a HUGE achievement.

I was helped with my decision to enter by so many positive words from friends, family, and mostly, my amazing brides and their bridal parties.  

I can't even put in to words how I feel when a bride or mother of the bride hugs me and says, 'I feel so beautiful,' or 'My daughter looks amazing, thank you.'  Those words mean EVERYTHING to me.  It shows I've done what I set out to do from the very first enquiry to the last spritz of hairspray, gently arranging hair accessories, and putting on the veil.

So, I am excited but so very nervous, because this award means more to me than winning. Just entering for this award is a huge thing for me.  I am only doing so because my gorgeous brides, and my amazing support network have made me believe I really do deserve to be in with a chance of even making the finals.

Thank you to everyone who chose me to be their wedding stylist, it is such an honour and gift to be chosen to be good enough to be a part of someone's special day.

And thank you to everyone who believes in me so much, it really means the world to me.

I only entered last night, but already votes are rolling in!  I don't get to see what my brides have scored me, or written about me, but I can see who has voted, and I am so grateful to every single bride who takes the time to do this.

I have sent out the voting link unique to me, but if you haven't received it and you have been one of my brides between 10/10/20 and 29/11/21, I would be absolutely thrilled and so grateful if you could cast your vote!

The link to vote for me is here:


Please only vote for me if you are one of my brides!

This award is different to the others.  It is based purely on how my brides score me, and their input regarding their experience with me.

Then it goes to a panel of industry experts, and the finalists are decided upon.

This award is not a popularity contest, numbers do not count. What my brides say about me is the only thing that does, and that's what makes it so special.

Thank you to each and every one of you who believes in me!

And thank you to my amazing brides who are taking the time to vote for me in this most prestigious award!

Sending love, as always,

Natalie xx

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