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04 Jun

Hi everyone

Apologies once again, I have been neglecting my blog as wedding season is well underway, and it is a busy one!

I just wanted to hop on as I am so excited to have won yet another award for my work.

This time, I have won LuxeLife Global Wedding Awards - Best Bridal Hairstyling Service 2023 - Sheffield.

This really means so much to me, because it shows that my hours of commitment are reaping rewards.

The article re this award is viewable HERE.

Obviously, my brides see me at their trial and on their wedding day.  What they do not see is everything else that goes in to running a business, such as all of the cleaning down I have to do after every trial (product gets literally everywhere!), very detailed notes I make to accompany trial photos, countless hours of admin, correspondence, ongoing training to keep at the top of my game and up to date with ever changing trends, the 1/2/3/4am alarm clock to get to a wedding morning on time, the travel time involved, keeping my social media presence and other sites up to date.  Then all the hidden costs that no one would think of, which all add up substantially - especially Tax & NI, business insurance, vehicle costs, PAT testing, to name but a few.  

It is not rare for me to have done a 10-14 hour day for a wedding, which includes travelling, cleaning down my kit, unpacking & repacking, checking notes, updating accounts and admin, etc.

Brides see me turn up for their wedding morning, and that's it, but there is so, so, so much more I have to do than just turn up and style hair.

So that's why receiving an award means so much to me, because it validates everything I have to do to run a successful business.  I am recognised for supplying a high end experience, and everything that entails, and it really does mean so much to me.

So, I had to share, as I am super pleased about this!

If you hop over to the 'gallery' section, I have added a few new photos of recent weddings, but I do have many, many more to add, which I will be doing ASAP.

I am fully booked for 2023, but for 2024 enquires, please click here to email me or fill in the contact form on this website to check my availability.   I will be opening my 2025 diary towards the end of 2023.

Prices, previous brides and wedding photos, reviews, and awards can all easily be found on this website.

See you soon!

Natalie xx

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