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19 Sep

So as wedding season slows down, I will have more time to update this site, add a ton of photos of my beautiful brides and their bride squad, and generally blog more.

In the meantime, I just wanted to share this with you.  I've won another award, which is always a surprise to me, as I never, ever enter any!

This one is Prestige Awards - Best Bridal Hairstylist 2023/24 for Yorkshire.

It means so much to me, as it acknowledges that my standard of work and commitment to my brides is validated.

I really cannot tell you what a privilege it is to be chosen to be a part of someone's most special day, and to trust me to be your stylist.  I love a wedding morning, there is nothing quite like it.

See you very soon (I promise!),

Natalie xx

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