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14 Sep

We don't often think about the bun part of the hair, but to marry (pardon the pun!) it in with the rest of the style, it has to be the right one.

There are literally so many to choose from - Low, Mid, High.  Super sleek with no texture, softly textured, lots of texture, right up to the Russian and Asian styles which have a lot of 'lines' of definition (you can see this sort of style in the photo gallery here on this site).

Also, very important! - You need to take in to account what sort of hair accessory or veil you will be wearing, and your dress and theme of your wedding.

And!  Your hairstyle should be different to that of your bridesmaids!  It's your big day, their styles should compliment you and look fabulous, but not outshine you!

The hairstyle you choose should fit perfectly with these.  And I will help you decide not only is best for all of this, but also based on your hair type, and if you need anything extra to achieve the look you want.

Please browse the photo gallery for some inspiration - I have so many to choose from.

 I offer all kinds of special occasion hair - Weddings, Engagement, Photo Shoots, Styled Sets, On Set, a Day at the Races, any Special Occasion, or just if you fancy a pamper!

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See you soon!

Natalie xx

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