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26 Mar

My sincere apologies, I am so behind on blogging and indeed updating my online presence.

Lots of things going on behind the scenes, and now wedding season has started up again, so I will not only be uploading this year's photos, but I still have a ton I need to load from last year too.

I am on top of all enquiries, but if you've not had a reply from me, please give me a nudge and I will be sure to reply to you ASAP.

Since my last blog, I've won another award. I was nominated and had no idea, so that was a lovely surprise.  I will be updating in April re this!  I've also been published by Pretty & Punk, which is a huge wedding publication, so I am thrilled with that too.

I promise to try my best to load more photos and blog more from hereon in. 

But for now, I will leave you with this beauty which I created recently for my gorgeous bride-to-be, Charlotte.  I really hope you like it!  This is all of her own hair (no extensions at all - not even slightly jealous!), so it was a dream to create this beautiful, flowing, romantic mermaid braided hairstyle for her.

All enquires, please click here or fill in the contact form on this website. 

I endeavour to reply to all enquiries within 24-48 hours.

(Please note - I am fully booked for 2023, so taking booking from 2024 onwards).

See you soon!

Natalie xx

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