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24 Sep

In light of the new, recent restrictions by the government, I wanted to acknowledge my lovely brides, who must be feeling just awful right now.

We are facing so much uncertainty, it must be so very hard on you.  I am so sorry you're going through all of this, if I could take it away I would!

The wedding industry has been crippled by this pandemic, as have so many business sectors.  We feel your pain.

Please be assured that if you have booked me for your wedding day hair, as per a special clause I have put in my T&C's, you will NOT lose your booking fee.  It can be transferred to a new date.  I don't think anyone will keep booking fees to be honest, how could it possibly sit right with anyone to do so?

Looking back to March '20, who thought we'd still be in this position today?  I certainly didn't.

What will Christmas be like?  Can we see our loved ones?

When can you have the wedding you've been dreaming of your whole life and planning for months, years?

The only certainty we have at the moment is this...

Love in NOT cancelled.

The virus cannot take that away from us.

Hang on in there.  Some day soon, we will have some kind of normality back.

And when we do, in the very wise words of Prince, 'We will party like it's 1999!' 

And what a party that will be!

Love is not cancelled, it never will be.

With love

Natalie xx

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