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23 Jul

Firstly, HUGE apologise for the lengthy delay between blogs.  Wedding season is in full swing, and I have them coming out of my ears!  This is obviously fantastic, but means my admin has taken a hit, so thank you for bearing with me.

This blog is so important, please read and listen to me (I do this week in week out!), it really makes a huge difference! :)

So, let's talk about how us stylists need your hair prepped ready for your trial and wedding morning!

We need...

*     Hair washed the day before

*     Clean

*     Dry

*     Blow dried straight (straightened too, you get bonus points!)

How we DON'T want your hair!...

*     Dirty

*     Product buildup 

*     Pre Styled

*     In Plaits / Braids

*     Curls

*     Damp or Wet

Why do we need this you may ask?

*     It takes up valuable time to undo / correct your pre-styled or damp/wet or frizzy hair, which means we will either work with the texture you have, or waste valuable styling time correcting any of the above. Simply put, I need to utilise every single precious minute to create perfect styles for your trial and wedding day, and not waste any time undoing or correcting / drying, which will waste that much needed time.

*     We need to make sure that all of the time I am spent with you at both your trial and wedding morning is time well spent.  I run to a tight schedule, a timed plan, and I need to make sure that time is utilised in the best way, and that is to make you look absolutely gorgeous on the day!

*     If your hair is damp, wet, frizzy, crinkly, curled, unkempt, dirty, mermaid, braided, etc., I will be working with that texture, as I do not have time to correct if you arrive with hair that is any of these.

Please make sure all of your bridal party know this too - Freshly washed hair, clean, dry & blow dried straight.  It really makes a huge difference.

*     At trial, you benefit by having more time to try out extra styles.

*     On your wedding morning, it saves valuable time so I can use my time doing what I should be doing, and that's styling your hair, not having to correct any of the 'don'ts' above!

Really hope this helps you lovely ladies.  I know it will benefit you hugely both at trial and on your wedding day if you can follow these simple steps.

Any questions, or if you'd like to check my availability, please click here to contact me, or fill in the contact form on this website.

See you soon (I promise!) xx

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