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21 Aug

To Wave or Curl - The Options - Part Four

Unstructured brushed out Beach Waves.

No one really thinks about what sort of curl or wave they want for their big day or any special occasion.  There are so many variations, it can be daunting.

With so many different curls and waves to choose from nowadays, and so many tools to create these different looks, how do you choose?

Let me help you!

I am blogging about different types of curls and waves and I will show you how they look in a real style so you can decide which one you like the best, so keep watching! 

You can see other types of curls/waves further down in my blog, so be sure to check it out.

So today, another favourite, not just of mine, but this is a go-to wave / curl for a lot of brides - Brushed out beach waves. 

I have blogged about beach waves before, but I wanted to show another version.  You can see in the photo what the curls look like before they're brushed out, and in the photo next to it, how they look brushed out with a carbon wide toothed comb.

These waves can be further loosened to your preference by going in again with a denser comb or bristle brush, but this is by far the most popular choice.

Or if f you prefer more structure, then all I need to do is less passes with the comb or brush and a little more product for definition.

So, you have lots of options to think about and choose from.

For a bride or bridesmaid, or indeed anyone wanting the style to last all day and night, I would definitely prep with strong hold products for maximum longevity.
And you will be so surprised how long these waves will last.
Not only for your wedding day and night, but for a good few days after.

If you choose this sort of wave for your wedding, you really can't go wrong. Or if you want an updo, ask your bridesmaids to have variations of this style, so they compliment you, rather than copy you! It's your day, you should have your own unique style, and everyone else should compliment your look.

These waves can be worn as a down style which will look stunning on it's own, especially with a headband or tiara.

Or you can wear it in a variety of half updo's.  

Whatever you choose, the beachy wave is a perfect one to choose for your big day.

Be sure to check back here, because I will be posting more about different curls and waves some more!

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See you soon!

Natalie x

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