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04 Jun

I need to write this post, because not only do I think it is so important, but I am finding that more and more, I am having to repair hairstyles created by other stylists who are hired by a bride at the same time as me to do some of the bridal party.

Please note - This DOES NOT include any stylists who you book THROUGH me to do your wedding hair, as we will always stay to the very end, or until you kick us out! 

I will try to keep this as short as possible‚Ķ 

It is so important to really look in to a bridal hairstylist before you decide to book them.

And always remember, you do (usually) get what you pay for. 

A bridal hairstylist is a specialist in their field. 

We have chosen bridal styling alone, and we tend to concentrate solely on that, because it is all consuming... 

We have taken extensive and ongoing training to not only learn the science of hair, but we need to know every hair type and what tools and products should be used for each hair type to create the very best, long lasting style. 

We should also know what to use in certain weather conditions. 

How to deal with super fine, candy floss kind of hair to very heavy, thick hair. And so, so, so much more.

We train and learn endlessly to keep up to date with ever changing trends and are constantly trying out new products and tools to ensure what we work with, is the very best for each hair type. 

Some things to check - 

  • Their website and social media platforms. 
  • Previous bridal / client reviews - You should find these not only on a stylist's website, but on places such as Google, Make Me Bridal, Hitched, Yelp, Facebook, Instagram, etc.
  • Their photo gallery (on a website, social media, or sites like Make Me Bridal & Hitched) to see real work from previous weddings, trials, special occasions, and styled shoots. 
  • Check to see if they've been published or have any awards - This part is not vital, but is shows a level of competency and commitment to being a bridal hairstylist.

More so -

A good bridal hairstylist will arrive on time, and stay with you until the very end, when you're in your dress, your hair is perfect, and all accessories are in place.  This also includes every single member of your bridal party who that particular stylist is booked for.

They should send you a plan of how they hope the day will progress, which is open to amendment by the bride, but it helps to have a plan and also that the hairstylist works seamlessly alongside the makeup artist so everyone is ready in good time. 

Believe me, a good bridal hairstyle takes longer than 30 minutes to create...Think more 1.5-2.5 hours in some cases.

The same applies for the rest of your bridal party..

.If you book me for instance, but want to book a second stylist for some of your bridal party who I do not know:

Before a stylist leaves, and this is SO important - Please make sure they know they have to hang around after they have finished to make sure any tweaks or dropped curls are taken care of by THAT stylist, and not left for anyone else to try to sort out. 

I am finding that more and more, I am repairing styles which other stylists hired on the day (who I have never met before, so they're nothing to do with me) have created.

They create styles, pack up and leave. So that leaves me, who has stayed until the end to ensure everything is perfect, to start repair work or total restyles after other stylists have upped and left. 

I've had to do repairs to styles, and in some cases, full restyles. 

This is not good at all, I should not have to do this because other stylists do not wait around or even check the styles they've created are going to stand the test of time.

This is obviosly not fair on me, but more so, the bride and others who have actually booked me. 

I work and try to stick to a schedule for the people I've been booked for.

 I will always try to help if I can, but the simple fact is, I should not be having to repair styles created by other stylists who don't or won't stay to check their work is perfect at the end.

A collapsed style, a messy style, a style that isn't quite right, all of these are the responsibility of the stylist who created them, yet more and more, I am finding I am the one left to sort out problems with styles, because the other stylist did not wait around to check her work herself.

I only ever book in one wedding per day to ensure I do not have to rush off.  The stylists who tend to rush off and leave hairstyles that need more work tend to have booked in more than one wedding per day, which is not good practice at all.  Or they have other work in a salon booked in for the afternoon, so have to go.  

It is good and common practice for professional bridal hairstylists to stay as long as needed.

PLEASE make sure if you book another stylist to work alongside me on your wedding day, they know they have to stay until either the end, or until you and your bridal party are all absolutely happy with all styles created by them. Then I won't have to spend time on remedial work created by someone else, and I can concentrate on the people I AM booked to do.

So far, I have not charged for this. But I really should, because I use very expensive products and tools.   If this continues, I will have no choice sadly.

I always try to help in any way I can, and I do help with all sorts of things not even hair related, but I should not be having to repair a style or even do a restyle, because another hairstylist's work is not right, and they don't wait around to see if they are needed towards the end of the wedding morning.

On one occasion, this has left me with very little time with the bride at the end, and that is not fair on the bride nor myself. Especially as I sometimes have to work against the clock due to delays beyond my control.

This is NOT how a specialist in bridal hair should work. 

Those of us who specialise in bridal hair stay until the very end, because tweaks are often needed if a dress has been put on over the head, or hair has been disturbed by having makeup done, and a myriad of other reasons.

And please, please, please listen to your stylist, we do know what we're talking about - If we say we need you in the chair, we really do need you in the chair! Not in 15, 20 or 30 minutes, but right now!

We do this week in week out, we know timings, and try to leave a little extra time in case it is needed, as there are usually some short delays - A photographer wanting that 'spray shot' for instance, or if someone needs ten minutes out to have a bite to eat.

Thank you for reading, I hope this gives some insight and helps you to find your ideal stylist, because bridal styling is not like usual hairstyling, we need to know so much to create styles that will last all day and night long.  

And we need to have the commitment to you that we will always stay as long as we are needed, as should every stylist who agrees to style for a wedding party.

And if you can make sure any other stylists you book know they have to stay to make sure their work doesn't collapse the moment they leave, you and your bridal hairstylist will have a lot less rushing around at the end, and your stylist won't have to run around like a mad thing trying to do all of these repairs and restyles.

Really hope this post helps you in your search for the perfect stylist for you

If you have any questions or need advice, please click here to contact me, or fill in the contact form on this website.

See you soon! 

Natalie x

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