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29 Mar

I am going to milk this, because I had a little bet with a few stylist friends as to what styles would be huge in 2022/3, and I was right!

The styles are Hollywood Waves and a softly textured, airy, high bridal updo.

These are my most requested styles so far, and I do believe this trend will continue well in to 2023.
And!...they happen to be my favourite to create!

Here are two examples, I really hope you like them! I have so many more to share with you, but I will wait for professional photos to arrive as they will always be way better than any I can take!

I am now taking bookings for 2023/24.  2022, I only have a small amount of week day dates left.

All enquiries, please click here or fill in the contact form on this website, and I will reply to you ASAP.

See you soon!
Natalie xx

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