Professional Large Bobby Pin Board - 60mm - 60 pins per board - Various Colours

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60 x  Bobby Pin Board (60mm Pins)

Various Colours

STOCK HAS LANDED...I am selling these at a crazy low price, so grab them whilst you can!

These grips are SO strong, I know they'll soon be a staple in your kit!

Three colour options - Black, Brown, & Blonde (choose your colour option above)

Durable, Long Bobby Pins in Bulk!

Professional secure bobby pins that are made durable in 60mm.  Longer than your classic bobby pin to ensure the hairstyle stays secure.  These larger pins provide the advantage for holding more hair at one time, securing hair padding/filler and stabilising hairstyles in place.

Their strength in the perfect medium between firm and flexible, yet very easy to work with, being firm enough to grip on to the hair without slipping, but flexible enough to open easily for correct placement.

The 60 pin board is great for personal (home) use, travel, touching up professional kits and salon work.

Made by a professional for professionals.  Professional Salon Quality at affordable prices.