Hair Extensions - Systems explained, aftercare advice, and so much more...

Information re my hair, systems used & all the aftercare advice you could ever need

I think we can all agree that a woman’s hair is not only her crowning glory, but it is also one of her most powerful assets - Great hair has a huge impact on  a lady’s self confidence and esteem. 

Having fabulous hair is what it is all about here at Max It Up. With a vast range of different types of hair and installation methods, looking and feeling fabulous has never been so easy! 

Hair Extensions via the methods used herein, can be used to add length, volume, or both. They create style and add depth and even colour, ALL without damaging the natural hair. Adding extensions not only gives a WOW factor transformation, but it also transforms you, giving a huge confidence boost and that much needed feel good factor.  

I have worked very hard sourcing only the very best hair from suppliers of 100% Remy Human Hair to offer a choice of hair to suit all budgets, and more importantly, to deliver what my clients want. With a range of budgets catered for, with only the best hand-chosen hair for that range, everyone can afford the A List look. 

Each client is given FREE dedicated one on one consultation to discuss the individual requirements so that your look can be achieved - At this consultation, I will go over all aspects of what you wish, to what is achievable within your budget, and with the length and thickness of your natural hair.  Your hair and scalp will be inspected closely for any contraindications, and to ensure you are okay to go ahead with the application of hair extensions, and to decide which system is best suited to you.  

At the consultation, I may place a discreet link in your hair if you've chosen a link/ring system (it will not affect your hair or style whatsoever, and it will NOT be visible), close to your scalp, to ensure you are not allergic to metals (this has NEVER happened yet, but I like to be sure) - This is just how I work, and it will save clients a lot of expense, time, and disappointment if they find they may be allergic to metals in the links (VERY unusual - I've not come across this to date, but I do this as a precaution).

A colour match will be done, to ensure you receive personal and perfect matching from a huge range of over 180 shades/colours, and to ensure you have an absolutely perfect colour match. 

Your new hair, regardless of how long, thick, and glamorous it becomes, will always look so very natural :)

I can match to your natural colour, add highlights or lowlights, create Ombre, Balayage, and Dip-Dye too (and so much more!).

I am fully trained and qualified in eight different systems, but have chosen to specialise in these three because they are the most hair friendly, as they do not use Keratin (which is essentially glue, which includes Tapes, which I avoid):

  • LA Weave (aka Celebrity/Hollywood Weave)
  • Micro Rings
  • Nano Rings

These are the most up to date methods, and more importantly, the KINDEST, NON DAMAGING methods for applying extensions to your own hair.

I am also trained and qualified to - 

  • Cut
  • Trim / Blend
  • Shape
  • Style

I can achieve the following with aid of hair extensions - 

  • Use Creative Colour Placement
  • Add Highlights and/or Lowlight
  • Multidimensional
  • Streaks
  • Sunkissed
  • Ombre
  • Balayage
  • Dip Dyes
  • Slices
  • And so much more!

I am a total perfectionist, and will only ever use systems that cause zero damage, as long as you follow maintenance, and keep your follow up appointments (see each system for these) and aftercare advice.

Please look through the pages for images of my work, showing before and after photo's, testimonials from some of my very happy clients, and information about the methods I use.

You will also find included on this site, a price guide, so you can see the correct prices, with no hidden extra's or nasty surprises!

My Systems Explained


The LA Weave is probably the most popular method in the hair extension world - It is a technique used to make the tracks of wefts much less visible than your ordinary braided (cornrow) sew-in weaves. 

It is secured with rows (tracks) of micro rings (which are silicone lined to protect your hair - any which are just metal, AVOID at all costs!!) over only two to four rows (depending on the desired result - I double or triple weft the hair so that less rows are needed). 

I sew the wefts through the micro rings, and NOT your hair, so it doesn’t cause any stress or traction like the cornrow method can do.

This method also allows the hair to breathe, and is much easier to wash/condition and take care of in general. This method does not use sharp objects that can injure the scalp. 

You will require maintenance every 6-7 weeks, and a full refit every 3-4 months. 

The hair can last up to 12-18 months*, or longer if cared for as per information I will provide for you.

Benefits of the LA Weave -

  • Short Application Time (could be up to 150 minutes, depending on your hair, and what you require, etc.)
  • 30 Minute Removal
  • No Bonds
  • No Glue
  • No Heat
  • No Plaits
  • No Cornrows
  • Hair can be worn in various styles, including ponytails
  • 6-7 weeks before maintenance is needed & 3-4 months before a refit is needed
  • 100% reusable hair, which is easily and quickly refitted

Application Time:    Varies - 1.5 - 2.5 hours


The Micro Ring system is a super effective and discreet way to add length and/or volume to your hair without any heat whatsoever.  

It is a single strand by strand method, and they are individually attached to your natural hair (iTips or Tiny Tips) via either a Micro Ring, or a Mini Tube. They can be used for added thickness, length or both.  

A small link/tube is used to combine your natural hair and extension hair strand. The link/tube is then clamped (using hair pliers) to hold the tip of the extensions in place close to your roots. 

Rows are added methodically from the bottom upwards, as high as possible, depending on each client and hair type.  This is built up row by row until the desired look is achieved. 

Once the installation is complete, these links or tubes are very discrete and won't be visible. 

There are many different types of links/tubes which can be used with this system, and in varying sizes for different hair types. 

The links/tubes I use are lined with silicone. This is so important as it creates a barrier between your hair and the link or tube itself, creating a better grip and more importantly, ensuring the bare metal in not touching your natural hair to stop any potential damage.

Tiny Tips are smaller and shorter than the Stick Tip (iTip), both are undetectable. 

Micro Rings are extremely comfortable, and often the more preferred method due to easy maintenance (they can be moved up one to two times depending on how well you look after your extensions before a refit is due, whereas Nanos cannot be moved up).

The hair is completely reusable and can be removed and refitted on the same day.  

With this system, maintenance is simply opening each link or tube, moving it up to near to the root, and closing the link back up.  

Maintenance is needed approximately every 6-8 weeks (depending on natural hair density and growth rate, and how you are caring for it), which involves opening each link or tube, and gently pushing it back up to near the root area.  If any matting appears to be present at any maintenance check up, this cannot be always be done - If only a small amount of matting has occurred I can simply replace them with new links, but if matting is extensive, a complete refit will be needed.   

A refit is rare if aftercare advice is followed and maintenance appointments are kept.  

At the 3-4 month stage (after first and each installation), a complete refit is required to ensure your natural hair is kept in optimal condition.  This will require complete removal of the extensions, naturally shed hair brushed away, gentle teasing out of any matting (if present due to poor aftercare - though this is rare if my advice is followed).  

You can then choose to have the whole system put back in on the same day, or come back a few days later (taking this as an opportunity to have your hair coloured if needed).

This is perfect for clients wanting to get a full head colour refreshed / root retouch or simply wanting a rest period from wear. (Removal cost payable at removal appointment, unless you are having a refit within two weeks, in which case, removal costs are wavered (as long as a refit is booked and paid for at time of removal).

This method is extremely popular due to the low maintenance of it, and as you will have the option to reuse the hair over and over again, this system, along with Nanos and the LA Weave are very cost effective for clients.

Benefits of the Micro Ring System - 

  • If the aftercare is followed, specialist products are used as advised, and you keep your maintenance and refit appointments, the hair can be removed and refitted using new links or tubes
  • An assortment of colours can be used ensuring a perfect, natural colour match
  • Comfortable to wear as the links/tubes lie totally flat to the head 
  • The hair can be worn in a ponytail or updo and the links/tubes are undetectable with full rotation
  • Small and flat with tiny tips, making them very comfortable to wear

Application Time:  Approx 3-4 hours


The Nano Ring system is such an innovative way to apply hair extensions. These are also the smallest links on the market - 90% smaller than the Micro Rings.  

However, this system is not for everyone - If at consultation, I think your hair is too weak or fine, I would not suggest Nano Rings with them being so tiny.

This method is really comfortable, and the rings are so small, they are almost impossible to detect, even when you are wearing your hair up in a ponytail or updo.  

You also have full rotation so hair can be worn in any style.

The nano ring is applied in the same fashion as the micro ring (see above).

At the end of each nano tip strand is a small looped wire. 

This is different than the tip of an I-tip hair extension, which uses keratin to glue the hair together at the tip. 

Because of the wire, nano-tip extensions are both lighter and allow your hair more freedom of movement. 

I attach the extension by threading both the tiny wire and the hair it will be attached to through the nano ring, then clamping the two together using pliers to close the nano ring. 

Rows are added methodically from the bottom upwards, as high as possible, depending on each client and hair type.  This is built up row by row until the desired look is achieved. 

The hair can last up to 12-18 months or longer, with good care and maintenance (following my maintenance/refit programme and aftercare), and the actual application can last up to three months (after you have become used to them). 

Because of this, nano rings are a very low-maintenance hair extension system. It is also very easy to fix extensions that have slipped or grown out.

If I think your hair is not strong enough for nano rings, I would advise micro rings instead as the weight ratio is more balanced with micro rings for those with finer hair.

Benefits of the Nano Ring System - 

  • If the aftercare is followed, specialist products are used as advised, and you keep your maintenance and refit appointments, the hair can be removed and refitted using new links 
  • An assortment of colours can be used ensuring a perfect, natural colour match
  • Comfortable to wear as the links/tubes lie totally flat to the head with full rotation movement
  • The hair can be worn in a ponytail or updo and the links/tubes are undetectable
  • Small and flat with tiny tips, making them very comfortable to wear

Application Time:  Approx 3-4 hours

* (Lighter blondes might have a lower lifespan due to the process the hair has to go through to achieve these light shades - See aftercare below for details).


Preparing for your fitting (getting excited yet?!)…

  • Please ensure to thoroughly wash and thoroughly cleanse your hair with a clarifying shampoo TWICE before coming for your fitting, it is highly advisable to use a clarifying shampoo (not just a normal shampoo) to completely remove any styling products or residue remaining in your hair. Do not use conditioner near the root area at all.
  • On the day of your fitting, please come with your hair free from conditioner (at the root area) and any styling products, and fully straightened. This makes it easier to see when applying the links or wefts, and the links/bonds will not slip if you do not apply conditioner or styling products prior to fitting. If you have any product in your hair or it is not freshly washed, then you will have slippage or you will lose links.
  • To have hair extensions, your hair should be a minimum of 5-6 inches in length, just about long enough to put into a ponytail. Ideally, the longer your hair, the easier it is to blend the extensions with your own hair. Please note, if you have very thick hair, the perfect blend may not be possible if you have short hair.  I can thin your natural hair to achieve the best blend possible, but it is harder with very thick hair to do this if your hair is short.
  • Shorter length natural hair can have extensions (see my gallery for proof!). All I really need is enough hair to be able to hold onto to add hair to, but it will make it much harder to blend, may show (depending on thickness of your own hair), and grow out quicker. If your hair is short, then going any longer than 14 inches is not advisable. 
  • Please email a photograph of your hair to me, or come in for a free consultation if you are unsure about anything regarding choice of length.
  • NB - Before any fitting, I still need to do a consultation to ensure you are okay to go ahead with hair extensions.


Before I go any further, this is something you should jot down, your recommended shopping list to keep your extensions and natural hair in tip-top condition...

Recommended shopping list -

  • Tangle Teezer® for brushing your roots / over the links to stop matting
  • Specialist hair extension brush for brushing mids to ends - Any soft bristle brush or soft loop brush is fine.  Please look for brushes specially made for use with extensions.  I sell them here if you’d like to purchase one from me
  • Specialist Extension Shampoo and Conditioner (I can provide for you, or give you details of which ones are acceptable for extension hair)
  • Oil to feed the extensions - Argan or Coconut oil are both excellent
  • Heat Protection Spray


Preparing for your fitting - 

  • Please ensure to thoroughly wash / cleanse your hair TWICE with a clarifying shampoo before coming for your fitting. It is highly advised you use a clarifying shampoo to completely remove build up of styling products or residue remaining in your hair. Please do not use a normal shampoo, and do not use conditioner or other products anywhere near the root area.
  • Please note - if you arrive with oily hair, especially at the roots, I will not be able to fit the extensions. They will not grip, and you may have problems with slippage of links  or lose quite a lot of the extensions.  Your hair MUST be freshly washed and free from ALL products.  This also applies to MAINTENANCE & REFIT appointments.
  • Come for your fitting with your hair totally free from any styling products, and fully straightened. This makes it  easier to see when applying the links and/or wefts. 
  • To have hair extensions, your hair should be a minimum of 5-6 inches in length, about long enough to put into a ponytail. The longer your hair, the easier it is to blend with your natural hair. However, shorter lengths can be done. All I really need is enough hair to be able to hold onto to add hair to, but it will make it much harder to blend, may show (depending on thickness of your own hair), and grow out quicker. If your hair is too short, then going any longer than 14 inches is not advisable - We will have discussed this during your consultation.  
  • Please note, if you have thick, short hair, it makes a perfect blend very hard to achieve, so the longer your hair is, the better.

PLEASE NOTE - The above procedures should be carried out when you come for maintenance and refit appointments also. 

If your hair is not clean and free from product, the links WILL slip or you will lose some extensions -

I can not carry out work on hair which is not clean and / or has a build up of product.


  • It is entirely normal for your extensions to feel tight and your scalp may feel a little tender.  This is absolutely normal and does not mean the extensions have been fitted too close to the scalp.  
  • The extra weight of the extensions causes this, and this feeling disappears within a couple of days.
  • Please do not wash your new extensions (also after maintenance and refits) for a few days.  Give them time settle in, and wash them at the very earliest, three to four days after fitting.


  • In the morning, after you’ve gently brushed over your wefts or links with your specialist hair extension brush (this is vital to ensure no matting occurs at the root, I really cannot emphasise this enough), and then through the mid to ends with a soft bristle brush whilst holding your hand over the weft or links to avoid tension, gently run your fingers through each row to check there are no tangles or snags, and that all links feel secure (they should, but better to be sure!).  
  • Just do this once a day, and if you come across a slipped link, it is easier for me to sort out than if it goes unnoticed, and better for your hair, so it doesn’t start to matt up or tangle. This soon becomes a habit.  
  • It is only needed once a day, though you should brush through, as detailed above, at bedtime too.
  • Also, please don’t be tempted to fiddle with the links or tug on your extensions!  They’re not meant to be touched often. They’re VERY secure.


When dry

  • Use your specialist soft bristle brush (the Tangle Teaser® is PERFECT!) - Make sure the only brush you use on or near to the links or wefts is an extension brush like this. 
  • These brushes are designed specifically to ensure your extension hair does not get snagged or snap near the roots, and that the root area remains matt-free. 
  • Always brush from bottom to top. Whilst doing so, it is very important to hold the links/wefts to support them, this prevents excess tension on the extensions, links, and if applicable, wefts.  
  • It is also important to do this to stop unnecessary tension on your natural hair

When wet

  • You must never ever brush wet hair extensions, or even your natural hair for that matter! 
  • Apply a heat protector and rough dry on a medium-cool heat without a brush until your hair is approximately 90% dry.  When your hair is approximately 90% dry, use your  specialist hair extension brush - again holding the hair at the links or wefts as you dry.
  • Wet hair is much more vulnerable than dry hair, so you have to be more careful when you’ve just washed it. 
  • As the extensions are attached to your natural hair, tugging at them can result in pulling your natural hair out and loss of the extension hair. 
  • For the extension brush, you should only use a specialist extension brush which has very soft bristles. 
  • Always start brushing your hair from the bottom whilst holding the hair higher up, and then move methodically up to the top. 
  • Always make sure you brush your hair gently, and never brush your hair more than two to three times a day. 
  • The Tangle Teaser® or specialist extension brush will not only skim perfectly over your links/wefts gently, but it will also get in between the links and stop any potential matting where the links/wefts are - Do not be scared to use the brush so you can feel it against your scalp - This means the brush is doing what it should and brushing through the hair near the scalp where the links are to smooth it out and stop any matting.

Every time you brush your extensions you should always hold the links/wefts with the palm of your

hand to ensure there is no added stress or tension on your hair or the links/wefts.


  • Your extensions should be washed no more than 1-3 times per week - absolute maximum. Personally I would recommend no more than 1-2 times a week - you will find that the extension hair soaks up oils from your natural hair, meaning it can go much longer between washes. Bonus!
  • Before washing, gently brush your hair from root to tip with your extension brush, remembering to hold the links / wefts at the roots to avoid tension.
  • It is essential that you only use specialist hair extension shampoo and conditioner when washing your hair. These products have been specifically designed to protect the human hair extensions I use in my systems. 
  • Using non-extension hair care products can severely cut the lifespan of your extension hair, causing dryness, fading of colour, discolouration, tangling/matting, snapping, and other damage.
  • DO NOT USE PRODUCTS WITH - Alcohol, parabens, sulphates or silicone listed as ingredients.  
  • To get the most out of the lifespan of the extension hair, you MUST use products specifically designed for hair extensions.  These can be purchased from me, or you are welcome to buy your own if you prefer.
  • PLEASE NOTE - If you live in a hard water area, this can adversely affect your hair extensions.  Hard water can result in dryness, dullness, rough hair texture, fading of colour, discolouration, split ends, etc. If so, please consider buying a shower head with a filter to help with this if you live in a hard water area.

Directions for Washing

  • It is highly advisable to try to wash your hair upright (in a shower is better than in a bath). If at all possible, do not tip your head over to wash over a sink or bath so as to avoid any knotting or matting.
  • Use lukewarm water, never hot water, to wash your extensions.  
  • Start by wetting your hair and squeezing out excess water.  
  • Then smooth the shampoo down the wet extension hair, massaging it in by opening and closing your hand as you go down – never rub shampoo in to the extensions as tangling / matting will occur. 
  • Make sure to really get in amongst the links or wefts at the scalp with your specialist shampoo. 
  • Massage shampoo gently in to your scalp, getting in between each row of links or wefts.
  • Squeeze out excess water gently from root to tip to remove the excess. Again do not rub the hair. 
  • Use shampoo as advised above, and wash out thoroughly.
  • Any conditioner or hair masks should be used only from the mid length of the hair to the ends.
  • You must avoid applying conditioner and any other conditioning product to your links/wefts as these products will cause the links to become slippery, and cause them to move or fall out.
  • If you want to, you can section out the crown (where there are no extensions applied) and then apply a conditioner liberally to it.
  • Leave the conditioner on for a few minutes, then rinse with lukewarm water.
  • Once hair is washed & conditioned, ensure to thoroughly rinse it, and do so for longer than you would if you did not have any extensions applied.
  • Remember you have a lot more hair now, so take the time to rinse it properly.  Once you’ve rinsed very well, squeeze out excess water gently, and pat the hair rather than rubbing at it, and wrap in a towel.
  • Remember - Always apply a leave in conditioner to the mid length and ends, then apply heat protection and a nourishing oil such as Argan or Coconut Oil prior to drying it, avoiding the root area.


  • To ensure longevity of your extensions, always apply a heat defence product and a nourishing oil liberally on to damp hair (remembering, oil only from mids to ends), and rough dry on a mid-cool heat until hair is 90% dry. 
  • Then gently brush through holding the weft or links to avoid tension, and finish drying with your specially designed hair extension brush, holding your palm against the weft or links to avoid stress, and then gently rub more Argan or Coconut Oil/Serum through the mids and ends once your hair is dry and/or styled.
  • Do NOT put any oils or serums near the tips, wefts or links - only apply to mids and ends!
  • Remember to dry your extension links/wefts at the roots first using a warm (never hot) setting on your hairdryer.  
  • Once 90% dry (from drying with a hairdryer without a brush - also called ‘rough drying’), you can use a hair extension brush to dry the hair to 100% dryness. 
  • Start by sectioning your hair above the bottom row of links or weft, and blow-dry each row going all the way up, section by section, gently using a soft bristle brush. 
  • Point your hairdryer to the floor to smooth and close the cuticles of the extension hair.
  • If, on occasion, you find you cannot dry all of your hair, you still have to dry at least the root area - You must never, EVER leave the root area to dry naturally, and NEVER go to bed with this area wet - It will cause matting and damage to both your natural and extension hair if you do so.
  • For the perfect finish, use hair straighteners to really smooth the hair if you like. 
  • Or for a wavy or curly style you can use tongs, a wand, heated rollers, the Dyson Airwrap© or any other hot tool. 
  • Always remember to use a heat defence spray at all times and all hot tools on the lowest possible heat setting, and finish your dried hair with more Argan or Coconut Oil.
  • With your hot tools, you must avoid the root area where the links are, because if you touch the links, the silicone inside them may melt and glue in to your hair.
  • I highly recommend that you use my advised aftercare products which are specially formulated for use with hair extensions. They will keep your natural hair and your hair extensions in optimal condition. 
  • It is good to remember that although the extensions are high quality human hair, they do not receive any nutrients from your scalp like your natural hair does, so nourish them often with an oil or serum.

Hot tools can and will cause some damage, the same as they can with your natural hair.

This can be split ends, dryness, dull or rough hair, fading, discolouration, and snapping to name a few examples.  

Hot tools will also melt the glue in the tips.

Furthermore, the silicone lining in the links can melt if too much heat is applied, so it is VITAL you avoid excessive heat like

straighteners near those - They WILL melt in to your hair if you apply direct heat to them, and I cannot be held

responsible if you do not follow this absolutely vital advice.


  • It is vital that you always make sure your hair is absolutely dry before you go to bed. 
  • If you are washing your hair, please make sure you do it at least two hours before bed time. 
  • You must tie your hair gently before you go to bed so that the hair does not tangle through the length, or matt at the root - A loose braid to one side is a good way to do this.
  • Using a satin or silk pillowcase also helps to stop any tangling/matting.


  • Hot tools such as tongs/wands, straighteners, the Dyson Airwrap© heated rollers, etc., can all be used safely on your hair extensions. 
  • I always advise that you use a heat protection spray for protecting both your natural hair and extensions before using any hot tools, and always use the lowest possible heat setting.
  • Hairspray and other styling products can be used sparingly if absolutely needed (always remembering to use products free of alcohol, parabens, silicone, and sulphates) but the links and wefts must be avoided as these products can cause the links to slip or even glue them in to your hair. 
  • Give your extensions a break, and try not use hot tools too often as this can cause damage such as dryness, split ends, dullness, rough texture, fading, discolouration, splitting, etc. 
  • Remember to always use a protection product to minimise potential damage.

As before, heat/hot tools can and will melt the glue in Nano & Micro tips and also the silicone in the links, 

so it is VITAL you  avoid excessive heat near those! They WILL melt in to your hair if you apply direct heat to them,

and I cannot be held responsible if you do not follow this absolutely vital advice.

HOLIDAYS, SWIMMING, GENERAL OUTDOORS & EVERY DAY ACTITIVIES - Things to avoid / do to stop or minimise damage

If you intend to go swimming (let’s face it, who doesn’t love a dip in the ocean!), do regular water sports, go to the gym, use a sun bed, or any of the following activities, you must be sure to do the following:

  • If you are going swimming, use a hair-friendly band (velvet or satin scrunchies are very hair-friendly) and place your hair in to a very high ponytail, bun, or braid, and clip it out of the way, preferably on top of your head. 
  • You must not allow your extensions to get wet in a pool or the ocean - Keep your head above the water, and always avoid swimming under water. 
  • The chlorine in a pool, as well as the salt content in the ocean, along with excessive heat whilst on holiday, can cause matting, dryness, dullness, split ends, discolouration, fading, etc. 
  • Chemicals in suntan creams can and will cause discolouration also, so always try to wear your hair up and not in contact with your body.
  • If your extensions accidentally happen to get wet whilst swimming, you must make sure that you rinse your hair as soon as possible with fresh, lukewarm or cool water (if you’re out for the day, the showers provided on the beaches are good enough!), pat dry (never rub) and liberally use a leave in conditioner from mids to ends (handy tip - keep a bottle in your beach bag just in case!).  It is better to run your fingers through the extensions to ensure the conditioner covers all of your extensions, but if needed, you can use a wide toothed comb to disperse the conditioner through the hair, but be sure to support the hair at the root where the links / wefts are attached, and remember not to let the conditioner touch the links (I think you’re getting the idea by now - I am repetitive as these points are so very important).
  • If you’re at the pool or beach, it’s okay to let your hair dry naturally (as it isn’t the norm, just now and again), but be sure to brush through the links / over the wefts, once the hair is completely dry to avoid matting in this area.
  • Remember, you must avoid brushing wet hair and dry your extensions as soon as you possibly can. Make sure that extensions are not tangled by following the above advice and always remember to never sleep with damp or wet hair as you will encounter the problems listed.
  • Always protect your natural and extension hair from the sun, as UV rays can and will cause some form of damage.  This could be matting, dryness, split ends, dull hair, fading of colour, discolouration, etc.  I highly advise that you cover your hair extensions with a hat, bandana, or scarf when out and about in the sun.
  • If you go to the gym or work out, use a sauna or steam room, or do water sports, you must ensure you dry, at the very least, the root area of your extensions straight after you’ve finished.  Matting will occur if you leave this area damp.
  • If you are a sun bed user, wrap your hair up and out of the way in a towel - Hair wrap towels are perfect for this.  As with the sun, UV rays from a sun bed can damage extension hair.

Hair extensions are an investment, and should be treated as such, therefore, it is best to take care of them the right way.

A few key points to remember:


  • When your brand new extensions have been installed (and after every maintenance and refit), for the next couple of days it is quite normal for your scalp to feel a little tight or tender - This is absolutely normal, and it will go away in a couple of days as the extensions bed in and you become used to them. This is absolutely nothing to worry about at all.

  • Natural human hair grows approximately 2.5-4cm within three months. Roots can start to tangle (matt) together if the links/wefts have not been looked after properly by not brushing over them regularly, by not following my aftercare advice, or keeping your regular maintenance and refit appointments. Remember to gently brush through the links/wefts twice a day to ensure this does not happen, always using your specialist brush.

  • I also recommend after having extensions in for three to four months, you have them removed for a short time (one to two weeks) to give your hair and scalp a rest (a good time to have your hair coloured if needed).

  • Do not go to bed with damp or wet hair. It is vital you dry your extensions before you go to bed, especially the root area.  And remember to tie your hair out of way, in a braid to the side is a good way to do this, before you go to sleep.

  • Lighter coloured (blondes, for instance) extensions have been through a harsher process to achieve the light colours.  For this reason, their lifespan will not be as long as hair that is not as processed, i.e. darker colours. Lighter shades will also require more care and moisture, and heat needs to be kept to a minimum when drying and styling to optimise the lifespan. If you do use hot tools, I highly recommend using a heat protection spray to help avoid damage, and always use your hot tools on the lowest possible settings.  Always add moisture to the hair extensions via an oil or serum.

  • I highly advise that you do not colour your hair extensions. They’ve been perfectly colour matched for you at your consultation. However, if you do decide to colour your extensions, you do so at your own risk.  All extension hair has been through a process to achieve the colour it is, so if you do decide to colour your extensions, the outcome can be unpredictable, and may not colour to the same shade as your natural hair.  This applies to toners and wash out colours too.  If you do decide to colour the extension hair, please also remember it WILL shorten the lifespan of the hair.  Under no circumstance should you bleach your extension hair - If you are going to colour them, you should ensure bleach (hydrogen peroxide) is not one of the chemicals in the dye/hair colour.

  • Only use shampoos and conditioners (and other products) that are specially designed for use with your hair extensions - using any other products (containing nasties!) can and will result in damage to your extensions.

  • When rinsing your hair after washing and conditioning, rinse for a slightly longer period, and with lukewarm or cool water, as the extra volume and/or length means it takes a little longer to rinse all of these products out.

  • Once your hair has been washed & conditioned, you need to be careful whilst drying and styling it. Natural and extension hair is always weaker and more vulnerable when it is damp or wet. As such, you should dry it gently as per instructions in this aftercare advice. I see it like this - Hair extensions are an investment, and should be treat as such.  Your hair extensions will have a much longer lifespan and they will be in much better condition if you take care of them properly.

  • It is normal for you to lose some hair when you brush your extensions, since the majority of people loose 50-100 hairs every day. Having extensions fitted can really be a positive for your natural hair when cared for correctly - You will be doing less damage, and will be protecting your natural hair, as you will not be using heat directly on your natural hair all the time.  You will also find you do not need to wash your hair anywhere near as often, which strips hair of natural oils, so this is another bonus of having extensions fitted. It is totally normal to lose a few extensions over time, so don’t panic if this happens. Some strands may loosen or drop out, this is absolutely normal for all extension methods, and not something I would worry about unless it becomes excessive.

  • It in not advisable for pregnant ladies to have hair extensions fitted due to hormonal changes which affect your natural hair.  Wait around six months postpartum to have any extensions fitted, as you do tend to shed a lot of hair during this phase, which will result in loss of the extensions, and may put unnecessary stress on your natural hair which is due to fall out during this period.

  • It is absolutely vital that you keep your maintenance and refit appointments after having the extensions fitted to ensure that everything is well and no damage occurs. Arrange for this appointment with me at least a month in advance. This would be the perfect time to get any links replaced if necessary, and also a blend and trim if it’s needed.

  • Please read and adhere to everything set out in this aftercare document, to ensure your hair extensions have maximum longevity.  I know I have repeated quite a few things herein - I’ve done that for a reason - It is so important you follow aftercare advcie, and have your maintenance and refit appointments in a timely manner to ensure longevity of your extensions and to protect your natural hair.

Please do not be daunted by all of this information! 

All the information I provide re the importance of maintenance and

aftercare may seem overwhelming  or daunting, but really it is very simple,

and will soon become second nature to you.

Hair extensions need regular maintenance and care from you. 

However, once you get used to how to look after them, it soon becomes second nature,

and your extensions will look fabulous for longer, so it is really is worth investing your time in to this.

Disclaimer - If maintenance and refit appointments are not kept and the above aftercare advice is not followed by yourself on your hair extensions, then I cannot be held responsible for any damage done to your own hair, or the extension hair.  I can always tell when my aftercare has not been followed ;-), so I ask you to please read and follow, because these instructions really will help you to get the very best out of your extensions, whilst protecting your natural hair.

Please refer to the T&C’s on my website for everything else 

regarding hair extensions, my policies, and the missed or cancelled appointment policy.  

A copy of this is also on show in my salon


Maintenance & refit appointments are absolutely essential in the aftercare of your hair extensions, however this does not mean that you should leave all of the responsibility up your technician. If you neglect your hair extensions in-between maintenance and refit appointments with the mind set that “my technician will fix this”, then you WILL have problems.  You should be following all of the aftercare advice provided by me which will include using the correct hair brush, sticking to the appropriate aftercare products, checking your links/wefts daily, and sleeping with your hair secured in place (a loose plait, for instance).  I will provide you with a comprehensive list of in-depth instructions for looking after your hair extensions, however those mentioned above are key in looking after your new locks.

Please do not be daunted!  All of the information I provide re the importance of maintenance and aftercare may seem overwhelming or daunting, but really it is very simple.  I have worn hair extensions, via several different methods for 15 years, and I find it all very easy (If it wasn't, I would not bother!).

Any problems within the first 7 days (unless any problems are caused by not following my aftercare advice), I will do maintenance work FOC - This is something I have not come across to date though! :)

Please note there are NO refunds due to hygiene reasons and by signing the consultation form I provide, you agree and comply with this information.

Disclaimer - 

If maintenance and/or refit appointments are not kept, and the above aftercare advice is not followed through by

yourself on your hair extensions, then I cannot be held responsible for any damage done to your own hair, or the extension hair.

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