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14 Sep

Hi everyone!

Again, apologies for the length between blogs. Wedding season has been the busiest since the end of WWII, so hands on work has had to take precedence I'm afraid, but I am now hoping to blog more often again.

I wanted to share this with you, because it touched me in so many ways.

This lady came to me for a trial for her daughter in law's wedding.

Her hair has been ravaged by chemo, bless her.  It is almost straw like, sparse, has bald patches, some hair is so short I couldn't even grasp it, and it is very weak.

She wanted to look glamorous for the wedding and wanted clip in extensions. I have to admit, I had my reservations simply due to how sparse and short in places it is. I was not sure her hair could hold the extensions. But I was determined, I was not about to let this lady down.

So with absolute determination and lots of care (and product to help to hold them in place all day/night long), I created this beautiful half updo for her.   I also had to find a way to conceal the crown area as you could see her scalp.  I did this with some carefully placed root touch up and shine spray (I find this product so much lighter than a smoothing cream on some hair types), and gently brushed it all back away from her face, and pinned in place under the twists of the half updo.  Because of how I did this, the scalp could not be seen at all.  I left out a sweeping fringe, which I added depth to, and lots of the clip in hair left down at the sides for volume.

Usually, this is a simple style to create, and on anyone else I would not blog about it.  But because of how difficult it was to achieve the end result, and the effect it had on this lady, I really wanted to share this with you.

She had tears in her eyes when she saw what I had created for her.  I did too.  This job isn't just about making brides look and feel beautiful - If I can give someone a feeling like this, like this beautiful lady felt, I have done my job. And that's one of the reasons I do love my job so much.

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See you soon!

Natalie x



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