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14 Jul

Hi everyone!

So, this is something I need to address as it is happening more and more.

More and more bridesmaids and other bridal party members are choosing styles which are typically reserved for brides.

This obviously has an impact on timings, as a typical bridal style takes around 2-2.5 hours, whereas a bridesmaid's style, I allow 1.25-1.5 hours maximum.

This is not always possible, due to time restraints on a wedding morning, and also, if anyone is wanting what is effectively a 'bridal style', it will be charged at the same price, as it takes much longer to create.

A wedding morning is a tightly run ship, and whilst I can accommodate this in many cases, I have to advise that:

1) It will mean a much earlier start time, and;

2) The price for a bridal style will be charged as it takes so much longer than a typical bridesmaid's style.

Some wedding morning timings are so tight, with no give for me to start earlier - for instance, a lot of bride's do not want me starting work at crazy o clock, even though this is not a problem for me as I am used to getting up at anywhere between midnight to 4am to get to a wedding.  Therefore, a bridal style for others in the bridal party is simply not possible.

Some instances of your typical bridal styles, but not reserved to, are:

  • Hollywood Waves
  • Mermaid braid styles
  • Highly textured high or low textured bun undoes
  • Flipped pony styles
  • Styles which require a lot of extensions to be added and curled (prep takes longer than the styling element)

Some instances of your typical bridesmaid or other bridal party members styles, but not reserved to, are:

  • Half Up/Half Down
  • Simple ponytails
  • Simple high or low bun updos
  • French twist / pleat (inc boho versions)
  • Styles which require no extensions being added

I am in the process of going through my Gallery to add notes on which styles are typical bridal styles, but it is going to take me a while as I simply have so many styles on my site for you to see. Please bear with me.

So if you decide you'd like to book me for your wedding day hairstyling, please check with your bride squad to see what styles they want.  

If I find out a couple of weeks before your wedding that everyone else is wanting Hollywood waves, a textured high bun, a mermaid, etc., this is not going to work - We need to establish this at time of booking, and to ensure that there is time, and you're happy to pay for typical bride styles for someone or everyone in your bridal party.

Really hope this information helps you.  Any questions, or to check my availability, please feel free to CLICK HERE to contact me, or fill in the contact form on this website.

See you soon!

Natalie x

Typical BRIDAL hairstyles

Typical BRIDESMAID'S hairstyles

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