KYK Stroke Me Comb


Only UK Stockist of Australian brand KYK!... KYK 'Stroke Me' Professional Comb. This is THE comb to use for gorgeous Hollywood waves and indeed all glam waved styles.

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KYK 'Stroke Me' Professional Comb

Wide-tooth comb for brushing out and maintaining absolutely gorgeous and super sleek curls or waves, including Hollywood waves.

This comb is the perfect partner for KYK Magic Dust.

Need to brush out or maintain your vintage waves and curls? 

KYK STROKE ME is a wide-tooth comb that will help detangle and achieve the perfect brushed out results.

The comb’s thin pointy ends work through the hair strands gently, avoiding breakage or damage. 

Its compact travel size means you can take this comb anywhere with you, pop it in your purse or bag for touch-ups as needed. STROKE ME is a must-have tool in every styling kit.


Professional Salon Quality at affordable prices.

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