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29 Jun

A comprehensive guide to help you with what to do and when!

12 months before ‘The Big Day’…

If you want to grow your hair for your wedding, now is the time to start. On average, hair grows approximately 1cm per month. So potentially that is an additional 12cms in a year. Everyone’s hair is different, so don’t panic if you have fine or thin hair, or hair that grows a bit slower, extensions are an amazing way to create length as well as volume without the effort!

But remember to have regular trims! If split ends aren’t trimmed, the split travels up the hair causing it to look much thinner, and obviously leaving you with frizzy, damaged hair.  Regular trims will ensure this does not happen.  A tiny amount off the bottom regularly will save you from a lot of thin, damaged hair.

Many brides leave booking their hairstylist until the last job on their ‘to do’ list.  But we often get booked up, up to two years in advance. So it’s also a good idea to book your wedding stylist around this time too. Popular dates get snapped up quickly so if you have a bridal stylist in mind, don’t hesitate to get in touch with them, even if it’s just to check their availability!

Also at this time, it’s a good idea to book a consultation with your stylist, so she/he can see your hair and give you some advice. Take along photo’s of any styles you like and they can advise what is needed (if anything) to achieve the style.

6 months to go…

If you need extensions for your wedding style, start doing some research and speaking to extension specialists. I am happy to help you with this, just drop me an email to info@maxituphairandbeauty.co.uk with any questions. Most bridal styles, especially the trending loose boho styles, or any volumous style will definitely require the use of extensions. Most styles you see in bridal magazines, Pinterest, etc., have extensions to create the volume needed.  There are lots of options available, from various methods of permanent to temporary clip-in’s. Just remember not to compromise on quality and ensure you get a perfect colour match done. 

Permanent extensions need to be fitted about 2-3 weeks prior to your wedding to give them chance to settle in and for you to get used to them.

Also, be careful about the method you chose, as some can damage hair. I only do the LA Weave, nano rings, and micro rings as they're very hair friendly. I avoid glue methods at all costs.

Having said that, the use of padding is a possibility in some cases, mainly updo’s.  

Once I’ve seen your hair and know what sort of style you want, I can advise you what is the best way to achieve it.

3 months to go…

Looking after your tresses in the months leading up to your wedding day is absolutely key to making sure that it is looking its best.

A Brazilian blow dry adds keratin (which makes your hair strong) eliminates frizz, adds shine and makes your hair more manageable. A Keratin treatment is similar to this, both are equally as good.  Speak to your hairdresser about how long before or after a colour you should wait if you do decide to try a Brazilian blow dry or Keratin treatment. 

As an alternative, Olaplex products are amazing, and they can be added to your hair dye to build extra bonds within the hair, adding strength and shine. All Olaplex products, including the specialist shampoo, conditioner and leave in styling cream, are sulphate free so they are perfect to use in conjunction with a Brazilian blow dry or Keratin treatment.  Personally, at the very least, I advise the use of Olaplaex No.6 and No.7 at home for amazing results.

A hair trial with your bridal hair stylist around this time is also advised. It is preferred that everyone in the wedding party who is wanting hair styled, has a trial. This is highly advisable.  Anywhere between 2-4 months before your big day is plenty of time.  Bring along photos of all the styles you like, and also for anyone else in your bridal party.

Two weeks to go…

Nearly every bridal hair style requires the use of heat with hot tools such as straightening irons, crimpers, and/or curling irons. If you need your hair coloured before your wedding, try and book your final colour two weeks before your wedding day to minimise heat damage on your hair.  

If you want a Brazilian blow dry / Keratin treatment, it is a good idea to have this after you’ve had your colour done, so if you want this, book it in at the same time as your colour appointment, and leave about four to seven days post colour before you have this treatment.

Wedding Eve! - The day before…

The day before your wedding you will probably feel like you have one hundred and one things to do! Even the most prepared bride may have something or other crop up. But try to book some time out to yourself, and treat yourself to a professional blow dry. A bouncy blow dry is a lovely treat for yourself and will also help your stylist create your beautiful style on your big day as the volume lasts a few days.  Not only will this give you a little bit of relaxing ‘me’ time, but it will set your hair up so well for being styled the next day. Or if you’re washing it yourself, wash it the day before your wedding, only use a tiny amount of styling product** - just a little bit of heat protector spray or something like Olaplex bond smoothing cream & oil (No.6 & No.7). Make sure you tell your bridesmaids to have clean fresh hair on the day too!

** The exception to this is, if you have hair that does not hold a curl or a style well, use a strong hold mousse after you’ve washed your hair (if you use Olaplaex 6 & 7, put the mousse on after those).  This will help, along with the products your stylist uses, to keep your wedding hair in all day and all night!

I hope this information has helped you and given you some ideas.  Planning a wedding is a huge task and little things can easily be overlooked, so I really hope this event log and information helps you prepare your hair one of the most important days of your life.

Any questions, just send me an email info@maxituphairandbeauty.co.uk

Thanks for reading!

Natalie xx

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