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24 Jun


The time has come, it is safe for hairdressers to reopen our doors and greet our amazing clients once again!

There is a new kind of normal, and I have implemented changes and rules to ensure I am as COVID safe as possible, and that I follow government guidelines.

Please read and familiarise yourself with the rules I have implemented to keep us all safe.

This will be a new kind of normal until we are COVID free:

  1. If you have symptoms, please do not come to your appointment. Please call to rearrange.
  2. If you've been ill within the last 14 days with COVID type symptoms, please do not come to your appointment, please call to rearrange.
  3. If you've been in contact with anyone within the last 14 days who is ill or displaying symptoms, please do not come to your appointment, please call to rearrange your appointment.
  4. Please arrive on time, if you are early, please wait in your car.
  5. Please arrive alone. Children especially, are not allowed in the salon during this time.
  6. I'm asking everyone to provide and wear a brand new mask.
    Please also bring a spare if your appointment is to be over four hours long.
    I will be wearing a new mask for each appointment and will change it at least every four hours.
    A mask also needs to be replaced if it is removed for any reason.
    So bringing a few spares is advisable.
  7. I'll provide disposable gowns for each client. I cannot use my regular gowns during this time.
  8. I have lots of PPE and sanitising and sterilising equipment and products.
    The salon will be fully sanitised and dissinfected between clients and at the end of each day.
    For that reason, I'm working at reduced capacity as I need the extra time to fully sanitise and disinfect. 
  9. 9 can't serve clients drinks, or provide any reading materials. Please bring your own if you need these.
  10. I'm asking that only essential personal belongings are brought to appointments. Anything not necessary, please leave at home or in your car.
  11. Upon arrival, I'm asking everyone to wash their hands. I will be sanitising my hands regularly.
    Fresh towels will be provided for each client.
  12. Please use the toilet before you arrive, to minimise use here.
  13. If you tend to get cold, please bring a sweater or blanket. I can't provide any of these during this pandemic.
  14. No cash payments during this time. BACS is preferable, or card payments only please.

If I need to add or amend these new rules as set out by the government, I'll update everyone as soon as I'm informed.

Sorry about the long post, but to keep within government guidelines, I need to advise each client of these.

I am so looking forward to seeing you all again, and will do all I can to ensure I keep you, myself, and my premises as COVID safe as possible.

See you soon!

Natalie xx

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