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16 Mar

This notice will be removed from this website once this virus is no longer a pandemic.

Polite Notice to our clientele re Novel COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

I am now closed due to the pandemic. I actually closed a week before lockdown was announced, as I believe the value of health of my clients (and myself) is far greater than anything.

It is so sad I've had to do this, but it is the right thing to do, doing my bit to try and stop the spread of this virus.

Having spent five years building up the business to what it is today, it is so sad, but I am sure that once we have this virus under control, everything will be back to normal. All current clients are staying with me, I thank you for that.

I am monitoring the situation closely, and will reopen when (and only when) it is safe to do so. I am following Government guidelines to the letter.

Everyone's health is paramount to me, and always will be.

I am still taking provisional bookings (if I have to move them if this period of lockdown is extended to longer than two months from today, I can easily move your appointment for you), and I am here to answer any questions you may have. I can also give quotes for any service you are interested in.

Many thanks to my amazing, loyal clientele - You are standing by me and understand why I have to close.
I hope to see you very soon.

Any questions, either email me at info@maxituphairandbeauty.co.uk or call 07775 066136, thank you.

You can also contact me via Facebook @ www.facebook.com/maxituphairandbeauty or Instagram @natalie_maxitup

Stay safe everyone, we will get through this xx

Best wishes
Max It Up Hair & Beauty

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