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23 Mar

Thanking our NHS

FREE treat to say a huge thank you!

I want to thank our amazing, world class, NHS. 

All NHS staff - If you'd like a little treat for yourself, a much needed pamper, after this pandemic is over and we can once again have social contact, Max It Up are offering ABSOLUTELY FREE professional hair styling. 

Any style you want, FREE. 

Have it just to perk yourself up, or save it for a much needed night out. A little pick me up and treat to you from me, trying to show my utmost gratitude for everything you do. Thanks will never be enough. 

Click here to contact me to inquire or book in.  Or text / call 07775 066136. 

All you need is your NHS card. 

This service is absolutely FREE, no hidden extras. 

This offer can be taken up to 30/6/21, so you have 15 months to use the offer. 

Keep safe, and heartfelt thanks to every single one of you 💖💙 

Please browse this website: www.maxituphairandbeauty.co.uk 

Facebook page: www.facebook.com/maxituphairandbeauty 

Instagram: natalie_maxitup

For lots of information, more photos of my work, and my consistent 5* reviews. 

Just, thank you, all of you xx

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