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31 Oct

COVID-19 UPDATE - 1/11/20:

As you are all aware, from 00.01am on Thursday 5th November, along with many other businesses in England, the hair industry has been locked down until 'at least' 2nd December.  

2nd December is a REVIEW date - It is not necessarily the end of this current lockdown.
There is a possibility it will be lengthened past this date.

As a result of this, I am therefore once again closed to all clients from Wednesday 4th November.

I have been contacted on more occasions than I care to  remember, asking if I will work during lockdown.
I know many who did work during the first lockdown, but I didn't then and I won't now.  It is not worth the risk, I always abide by the rules, and why would I put my clients and myself at risk?
I take client safety very seriously.  Please don't ask me to work - As much as I hate not being able to work, I simply will not break the rules and put anyone at risk.

Current clients, this is so important - Please read...

If you are due a refit OR maintenance within the next SIX weeks:

If you're due to have maintenance or a refit, I must stress, you must NOT keep your extensions in longer than what my advice states.
They will damage your hair if you do not have them removed until such a time I can refit them.
If your hair is damaged due to you not listening to my advice, I will not refit them under any circumstance, so please don't ask me to.

My stance is, the health of your hair is more important to me than your money, so I will NOT refit extensions to hair that has been damaged because you have not listened to my advice re removal.

Please contact me re this - I cannot stress enough, you must not keep them in for longer than I advise.

Furthermore, I cannot and will not be held responsible for any damage caused to your hair if you fail to follow my advice re this.

A final note:

I'm so very sad regarding this news.
It's the last thing anyone wants.
This industry has been hit so hard, we are all struggling to stay open.

Please CLICK HERE to contact me with all enquiries or call me on 07775 066136, thank you.

Stay safe lovelies xx

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