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25 Jul

Brunettes, this is for you!

When you are searching for your perfect style, be it in a bridal magazines, Pinterest, Instagram, or anywhere online, try to stick to images of brunette brides.  

The reason for this is, blonde styles tend to show a lot more texture and dimension (in photos especially), and this is not lost in the photos like it can be with brunette hair.

If you are a brunette, and are really wanting your hair to 'pop' on your big day, my tip would be to have a few highlights added to add depth and dimension to the style.  Whether that be in an updo, or if you're wearing it down.

You don't have to go crazy.  By adding some subtle highlights in a few different tones, be it caramel, honey, barley, hazelnut, or some dark blonde, to name but a few, it will really bring out the texture in any style you choose.

Just look at the photo in this blog, she has some very subtle highlights, and it makes such a difference in how her hair looks not only in her hair, but in the photos.  And those photos are going to be your memories for years to come.

I hope this was helpful to you, if I can be of any assistance, please email me by clicking here, or call me on 07775 066136.

Thanks and see you soon with more tips!

Natalie x

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