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19 May

An alternative to fresh flowers

On my wedding day, I opted for silk flowers.  The bouquet was stunning, and I still have it today (many years later!).

I chose a deep red and cream theme, and I loved it.  It is stored safely away, but I will find it and post a photo, they're just as beautiful as on my special day!

So don't think you have to have fresh flowers, there are so many alternatives. 

Especially if you want lilies!  Lillies can and will stain your gorgeous wedding dress if you're not super careful, unless you remove the stamens / pollen.  

You can't do this with Cala lilies though.  So silk is a great option if your heart is set on lilies.

Silk flowers alone are stunning.  You can also have them adorned with jewels and pearls, and the effect can be outstanding.

Have a look around, Pinterest is a good place to start.  

Local florists do offer alternatives to fresh flowers, my silk ones were from a local florist, and I always support local businesses where I can.

Always here to help, and I love to offer my thoughts and advice to my brides if they ask for it!

See you soon, Natalie! xx

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